They said what???

And finally … Here are a few statements which fall into the category ‘You couldn’t make it up!’

1. Dave Christophers, Principal Customer Relations Officer, Cornwall Council

“it is still established local government procedure to have regard to such guidance, although … the weight attributed to it would be limited, given its unapproved state”.
3 December 2012


2. Kevin Lavery, departing CEO of Cornwall Council

“There is also a growing feeling that we have too many wind and solar farms in Cornwall, which are damaging the environment. The challenge is to look at renewable energy as part of the local plan and not in isolation”. 14 February 2013

Mr Lavery, having overseen the first six months of Cornwall’s ‘solarvoltaic klondike’, is shortly off to New Zealand. Watch out Kiwis!

3. Cornwall Local Plan, p. 124

“Liskeard, … is one of Cornwall’s oldest urban … centres; … and its setting on its hilltop, overlooking wide tranches (sic) of landscape, is an important characteristic.” (Of?)

So why stick a damn great turbine right in the middle of it???

Liskeard Today 22 November 2012

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