Sheryll Murray’s Wind Turbine Petition

Here is a link to a wind turbine petition sponsored by our local Westminster MP, Ms Sheryll Murray.  The petition says

To the House of Commons. The petition of the people declare that they want to see local decisions upheld over wind turbines. The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons bring in changes to stop planning appeals over-ruling local decisions made by local councillors in the relevant planning authorities and ensures the Government’s localism agenda is pursued in all cases

However, the real issue is surely not so much planning appeals overruling decisions made by local councillors so much as Cornwall’s own planning committees ignoring opposition to initial applications on the part of local councillors and local communities.  No-one on the various planning committees appears to take any notice of parish councillors, and planning officers appear to be operating in the context of a “presumption of approval”.  The tiny number rejections of turbine and SPV applications which have occurred, are almost all the result of an enormous amount of voluntary hard work by local people (And of course, in almost every case, the developers are appealing the decisions).

Reports of Sheryll being sighted on the Road to Damascus are yet to be confirmed.

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