About Elven

Welcome to the website of ELVEN, the East Looe Valley Energy Network. We are group of concerned citizens attempting to combat the piecemeal and uncoordinated installation of wind farms and solar photovoltaic arrays (SPVs) in our part of East Cornwall. We are not against solar power or wind energy in themselves, but we oppose the installation of wind farms and SPVs on an industrial scale, and their uncoordinated approval on a one-by-one basis, a process which is currently happening both in East Cornwall, and throughout the county. We are not elected, and represent no-one but ourselves, but membership of our group is open to anyone from the East Looe Valley.
Instead, we would prefer solar power to be generated not on (the best) agricultural land, as is presently happening, but on all public and other large buildings – not just those belonging to the County, as is already taking place, but on all factories, barns, livestock housing, schools, colleges, hospitals, shops and supermarkets. We propose that it should be a condition of all future planning consents that the maximum possible capacity of solar energy generation be installed on each new industrial and commercial development. Individual householders should also be encouraged financially to install solar power, to heat water or to generate electricity, wherever feasible, although under much better terms than those available under the Green Deal. It should also be mandatory for all local authority and privately rented properties to do the same. SPVs should be located on ‘brown field’ sites, and not on good agricultural land.
We propose that wind turbines should not be installed in locations where they damage valuable landscapes (e.g. AONBs or AGLVs), and only where they do not overbear existing settlements. They should also be sited at a minimum distance of 1.5 km from all settlements, in order to avoid issues of ‘infra-sound. We also suggest that they should be not installed commercially, but by local communities, so that the revenues generated do not disappear into the pockets of developers, many of whom have at best only a passing interest in the local community, and the local environment.

Further reasons why we hold the views we do may be found in our Letter to Southwest MEPs and Cornwall MPs sent early in February 2013. If you have a any comments opr questions regarding alternative energy generation issues in Cornwall, please email ua at eastlooevalley@gmail.com

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